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Author Topic: Check FIRST ! Clarifications made by the WFTDA ARE THE RULES  (Read 9218 times)

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Check FIRST ! Clarifications made by the WFTDA ARE THE RULES.

This is without exception, if something has been clarified by the WFTDA it is as good as a rule, discussion on these clarifications is encouraged, but remember anyone using WFTDA rules, and most positively WFTDA sanction or regulation games MUST adhere to these clarifications. Deciding to not use a clarification would risk sanctioning and for non-wftda leagues could put any DoM at risk.
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The rules site Pallbearer mentioned above can be subscribed to so you can check it from places other than the site.

You can use any rss reader to subscribe by just pasting the feed URL into the section of your program where you can add a subscription.
Here are some examples of rss readers that are free to use (this list is only a few of many readers available):

Google Reader
Mozilla Thunderbird
Feed My Inbox - forwards rss feeds to an email address

You can use the following URL to subscribe:

Edit: This post is outdated, as the Q&A site has changed significantly.
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